Some Things You Might Want To Know:

Short Version:

This blog is mostly me talking about the things I'm thinking through (those things vary a lot).

I also do a lot with YouTube and podcasts.

See below for more about me.

I hope that what I put out is of service to others and glorifies God.

Thanks for reading,


Long Version:

Hey there,

This “publication” (that’s what Substack calls these) is mostly my thoughts about things I’m interested in. My YouTube channel is meant to serve the same purpose. (I upload my YouTube videos to an audio-only podcast which can be found here or wherever you listen to podcasts.)

My “publication” and my “channel” kind of go hand in hand and are the two platforms through which I put out my thoughts for you all to see. So if you haven’t checked out my channel, then I’d suggest you do so (yes, that was a sales pitch). I also use Twitter to organize thoughts, to a certain extent; although most of my thoughts are organized in my notebooks, which I don’t put online (mostly because I handwrite them and don’t want to have to type them all out). I post updates on the videos and blogs I make on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Starting in the calendar year of 2022, I began tracking my book reading on Goodreads; you can follow what I’m reading there, if you so choose.

Here’s a short rundown of the things I’m interested in: basically everything under the sun (and above or around it). Although, my three “tag words” are philosophy, theology, and psychology. 

Most of my lowest-resolution posts will be in the “Rough Drafts” section. When or if I write something that I feel is more finalized and isn’t for school, I’ll put that in a different section which I have yet to create. I may also have to create more tabs that specialize in particular subjects if I get a lot of posts on here. 

I also put posts up that have an audio version of my YouTube channel (otherwise known as my podcast). These posts will also include an embedded YouTube player so you can watch the video from this platform, if you so choose. 

There is a “Links” tab at the top of my homepage. This is merely a collection of different links to various things I want to save for future reference. I’m always looking for new and interesting things; so, if you have some things you think I should know about, then contact me and I can probably add whatever you suggested to my “Links” section. 

I also have stuff that I wrote a little while ago. But, first, a quick note: please forgive my exuberant arrogance and ignorance displayed in these. I’m sure I have plenty of that in my more recent stuff as well, but these older things make me cringe. So then, I have put up some of my essays for school here. I have posted almost all my essays from my junior year of high school here: 11th Grade. I have one essay from my sophomore year here: 10th Grade. I have a section that contains some book reviews: Old Book Reviews. These reviews are pretty terrible, to say the least. In addition, here is some bad poetry for you: Poetry. These poems are of pretty low quality, but I hope to write more and to get better.

The “12th Grade” tab is miscellaneous things I have for school this year.

The “Online Approach” section contains posts about what I’m doing online; methods and such (not that I really have any). I’ll eventually terminate this section and move the posts somewhere else, in all likelihood.

As for the paid subscriptions: I have the paid option turned on, but I don’t offer anything additional if you pay. The pay feature, at the moment, is there simply to provide an easy way for people to give money to me. If you want to give me a single, non-recurring donation, then you can do so here: PayPal. A fair warning, though: all the money you give to me for the next several years will go to help me pay through college. So keep that in mind before you “give.” If you would like to “support” me in some other way, then you can buy me a book from my Books Wish List.

Along with the paid thing comes the question of traffic. I don’t get much traffic and attention to the things I write here. But that’s okay since I have this rule for myself: I won’t be doing things online that I wouldn’t otherwise want to do even if I got zero people to pay attention and zero money. I thought I’d mention this just to give you a feel for where I’m coming from.

I really enjoy talking to people. If you’d like to have a conversation with me, then email me here: If you want, I can record the conversation; and if you’re really ambitious, I can publish it on my YouTube channel (if you have a channel, you can publish it to your channel as well). 

A little about my positions: I am very, deeply Christian (scary, I know). With that, however, I’m not trying to get anyone across any particular “line.” I want to discuss things with people and help foster an online community: I’m not interested in proving to anyone that I’m certainly and finally “right” about any given thing. So whether you’re Christian, Anti-Christian, or anything else, I hope you feel welcome.

The videos I make and the things I write are things I’m thinking about. So far, most of the people who regularly watch and read my content are not Christian. I don’t try to pander to a certain sub-group or audience. If you like my stuff and find it valuable, great; if you don’t like my stuff and find it a waste of time, you won’t hurt my feelings. 

I appreciate any feedback I’m given. If you think my thoughts are mistaken on something, then don’t hesitate to let me know. I try to stay as open-minded as my sanity will allow (and I often cross that line). 

In the future, I hope to write a more detailed account about me so that you all can know me better, if you so choose. I don’t have that now, but it’s coming (probably). Nevertheless, for now, just know that I love Jesus (even scarier than my claims above) and that I like to minister to people, be with my family, learn, read, think, play basketball, explore new ideas, “work,” and be in “nature.” There is also this pseudo-resume that I had to make for a private college application: here.

I hope that my “publication” will be a place where I can clarify my thoughts on the things I’m puzzling over. But, more importantly, I hope I accomplish my main goal: that the stuff I put out will glorify God and be of service to someone in some way, no matter how small. That’s my purpose in life, so far as I can tell: to be a servant who brings glory to God.

Thanks for reading,


Super aspexeram,

Omnipotens, invisio,

Aspicioque stellis.

[“And up I did look

To see that Might up highly

And gaze upon the stars.”]

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